Story Zeit fa Amische Leit

Story zeit fa Amische Leit – a video series of short stories told in the dialect that the Amish speak. In most of these Joseph Graber is retelling some incident from his childhood growing up among the Amish.

“My goal with telling stories for Story Zeit is to record little glimpses into my Amish boyhood in the 1980s and 90s for future generations. This is also a good way to take a snapshot of a dialect that seems to be slowly shifting and changing.”

– Joseph J Graber

The way we tell stories within our culture provides a special glimpse into that culture. There is something about hearing someone telling a story in the language of our heart – our first language. There are many people who grew up Amish and have now been seperated out from their heart culture. Story Zeit is designed to encourage people who came from that culture and now don’t know where they belong anymore – the stories are still ours. So go ahead and celebrate the good from your past, even if there is also pain in your past.