We visited the village and the museum at Schleitheim, seen here from the hills above the village. This area was the home of many Wiedertaufer (Anabaptists) and many over the years were driven from their homes and prosecuted for not agreeing with the church that was in power. Michael Sattler was an early Wiedertaufer (Anabaptist) leader in this area.



This is an early copy of Michael Sattler’s confession of faith that is on display under glass here at the museum.  This copy was printed by a ‘buchdrucker” (printer) in Zurich. This is known as the Schleitheim Confession of Faith.



On display here at the Schleitheim museum is a Froschauer (various spellings) bible, the primary bible used by the Wiedertaufer for a hundred years or so. Zwingli took what Luther had done so far in Germany and finished the translation, completing it fully five years before Martin Luther finished his translation. The bible was also known as the Zwinglibibel or the Zurichbibel. And for the record, I could read the copy on display but it was a bit hard. The way some of the German letters were formed in those days is different from what I am used to today in the German bibles used by the Amish.



The present church in the village that dates back to the first century. It has been rebuilt and added to a number of times.



This is the museum that we visited. It is right across from the church and has many displays of the history of the village. One room is given to the accounts of Michael Sattler, early Wiedertaufer leader in the area. On display is one of the first copies of the Schleitheim Confession which was written by Sattler and of an early copy of the Froschaur Bible.



The museum is on the left in this photo and the village church is on the right.



Looking over the village of Schleitheim and the surrounding hills which were home to the first Wiedertaufer leader in this area, Michael Sattler and many more Wiedertaufer to follow.




Looking towards Germany from outside Schleitheim showing the countryside surrounding the village and perhaps where Wiedertaufer may have lived and farmed.


  1. Hello, thank you so much for this wonderful post. As I was writing a biographical notes on the life and faith of Michael Sattler in Japanese, I came across this site and saw many pictures! I am grateful for your sharing. May God richly bless you. Kinuko

  2. Dorothea Meyer

    Nice documentation of Schlaathe. Bravo

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