Art or Not — We Observe Art in Zurich

The scene here is along the Limmat River. This is the other side of the river as seen from the side where the plaque is that commemorates the drownings of early Anabaptist reformers. And the Grossmunster is in the background on the right.   But I wanted to show you some art.

Yes.  The crane. The crane is a work of art on loan from the German government.

The Beautiful Limmat River through Zurich

I had seen the crane when we first arrived at the river, as seen from this photo. I could envision a day and time when the crane was used to unload freight from barges that had come down the river from Lake Zurich which is just ahead in this photo.  And it was still there, a part of history, a part of the story of Zurich.

I asked someone about the crane. They got a funny look and called it, “Oh, that controversial piece of art. It has sparked a lot of conversation.”   It is on loan from the German government. It had been a working crane for over 50 years in Rostock in Germany.

Artist and writer Jan Morganthaler said, “The crane is meant to bring a feeling of the sea – and a sense of freedom – to landlocked Zurich.”

Follow this link  to read more about it.


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