We are excited to be able to release part of this documentary project to DVD and digital this month.  We are already shipping The Amish and the Reformation DVDs to all those who pre-ordered.  Here is my Mom with a few copies of the DVD.

You can see all the available ways of watching The Amish and the Reformation on our Where to Watch page.

We are beginning to get feedback from people who are watching the first copies of the DVD.  Here is a photo and status that my sister Ruth posted on her Facebook page:

Just finished previewing “The Amish and the Reformation” the documentary my brother made for the 500 anniversary year of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses on the Wittenburg Castle door. If you’re interested in the Reformation and especially how it relates to the Amish you should watch it! I thought it was interesting and I don’t normally like documentaries but then again I’m probably biased. ???? After all it is a part of the history of my people. And I think my brother does a great job of narrating.  – Ruth Graber


The rest of the series will be released later.  Stay connected and we will let you know as soon as possible how you can see all of Breaking the Silence!

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  1. Edward P. Hammond

    dear sirs i am the librarian for the fowler baptist churh in northern ny.WE Have an order of amish near us in stlawerance county unfortunitly all we know of them is when we do bisnuss with them or thay somtimes are in the newes for one thing or another,or we pass them on the rode or ride the local county buss with them,so the only thing we,ve had on them in ower collection is a few of mrs Lewis,s books but having dvd,s such as yours on the reformation[witch i will shortly put in ower collection] shall be vary informative indeed.such subjects as what is it like to grow up amish boy/girl,what are you expected to beable to do at what age,Rumspringa what is it and what dose it intaill,growing old Amish what happens when you are to old or sick or disabled,how do the amish handle banking,taxes,retierment,buying and selling,inharatence issues,marage,birth and death.also if you dount have an Amish run bisnusse near you how do you obtain products you need[ive seen some amish use local stores but not shure if thats exceptable under thare rules and if nobody makes bugy,s and clothing localy can thay you,s maill order. I yous vision video as a sorce for or library and vary much look forward to futuer dvd,s in the series,perhaps this is why you were put out of order to shine a light on them so that we Englanders ma know them better,keep up the good work.

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