Dove Review on Breaking The Silence

We are grateful for a great review by The Dove Foundation. Here are a few highlights:

 Dove Review – highlights

“Breaking the Silence is a wonderful, enlightening and educational tool for those who have always wondered about the Amish and exactly who they are. Who are these people that shun modern advances in technology and live without electricity? Who are these people that ride in their horse-driven buggies? The perfect man to tackle these questions is former Amish Joseph Graber, the host of this six-episode series. ”

“Graber gives illumination to the church services and practices of the Amish and shows an appreciation for his heritage which he historically explores, along with the help of others, some as far away as Switzerland and France. He speaks of the Anabaptists, the Reformed church, and a man named Jakob Ammann, who founded the Amish belief system, incorporating the shunning and ex-communication facets. Graber is clear that there are wonderful and good-hearted people in the Amish culture, and many others have also broken off from the system due to what they perceive as legalistic practices within the older form of the Amish community.”

“This reviewer has met a few Amish people, having seen a couple in the hospital about to have a baby at the same time my wife had our son. I have bought Amish food and enjoyed it. But I learned a lot in this eye-opening video series. Joseph Graber has done people everywhere a great service by producing this fantastic documentary which is easy to watch, understand, and yet it’s educational in a very powerful way. The cinematography is beautiful, which features scenic images in Switzerland and France, in addition to various beautiful country images in the United States.”

“You will be amazed at what you learn in this series.  The facts are interesting and the individual stories and testimonies are just as fascinating.”

“We highly recommend this fantastic, educational and yet entertaining series. It exalts the Lord and the Holy Scriptures above traditions, cultures and legalism. We award it the 12+ Seal. You won’t regret the time spent watching this interesting series.”

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